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SSLM Design

Beautiful. Sustainable.

And Surprisingly Affordable.

The success of a landscape depends upon many factors. While making an outdoor environment pleasing to the senses is important, without careful project planning even an installation appearing fine may be flawed, or worse, in need of a makeover. That’s why builders, developers and property managers all over the Tampa Bay area’s southern tier work so closely with the design team at SSLM.

We’re certified by the State, and we employ ‘Florida Friendly Landscaping’ practices. SSLM understands all-too-well that sustainability, ease of maintenance and water dependence are critical factors in landscape design, every bit as important as line, form and color.

SSLM Installation

Done Right.

The First Time.

A Sun State Landscape Management installation is “turn-key”. When the last truck leaves, clients may be rest assured that all the little areas missed by the less experienced in our field have been handled. The items nobody likes to bother with, such as soil compaction, drainage and pH level and drainage- these are a few of the things separating professional from pretender.

But that’s just half of the story. A true full service landscape management company is one that doesn’t leave until an irrigation system has been not only installed, but properly adjusted and calibrated so water is applied when and where you need it.

That’s sustainable. That’s SSLM.

SSLM Maintenance


It Never Looked This Good.

It seems that for some landscaping companies maintenance is a bridge too far. Not so for SSLM! We are equipped to maintain everything we install, separating us from some choosing to leave that work to others.

Our maintenance crews are just that. Teams dedicated to keeping properties looking great. They don’t work in installation one day, and maintenance the next.

Moreover, when it comes to irrigation, nobody but a trained professional will repair or adjust your sprinkler heads. And only an SSLM-employed licensed applicator will apply fertilizer and pest management treatments.

SSLM maintenance personnel get the job done, using the methods we’ve found to be most effective here in Florida.

Turf Maintenance

Utilizing the latest industry standards and highest quality equipment.

Planting Bed Maintenance

Seasonal rotation of colorful plants surrounded by fresh mulch lend timeless beauty commercial and residential environments alike.

HOA/COA Services

Our broad offering of services required by multi-unit residential development means that property managers can rest easy.

Industrial/Commercial Account Services

In business? Why not talk with SSLM about our many outdoor services.

New Home "Turn Key" Packages

Are you building a home? Having one built? Choose the landscaper builders have relied on for decades!


Opting for the timeless look of pavers is one decision you'll never regret. Choices in color ad texture abound- let's talk!

Outdoor Living Area

Spending quality time with family and friends in an SSLM-designed and installed outdoor living area is tough to beat!

Pest Management

Pest control is maintained using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to reduce environmental impact.

Fertilization Services

• Fertilization Using a Patented Custom Blend of Nutrients for Optimum Growth of Turf and Ornamentals

Irrigation Services

In Florida it seems like watering is either too much or not enough. Let our team design and install your system- and keep it running like a fine watch!

Field Mowing (Tractor w/ Bush Hog)

Live in te country? Tired of your yard being encroached upon by weeds and critters- turn our tractor and mower out once or twice a year-problem solved!

Drainage and Grading

Standing water? Why not move it (and the mosquitoes) to a place where it is needed? We do that, too!

Roadside / Common-area Maintenance

Some of the roadsides we maintain look as nice as a front lawn!

Water Features

Whether it's the stately elegance or the calming sound, there's just something about water features!

Low Voltage Lighting

Like an exclamation point, lighting completes a landscape, while providing function at the same time.

Wetland Buffer Plantings

Erosion-resistant plants not only make sense, they look terrific! We are state-licensed to work in environmentally-sensitive areas.